Have Bangalore’s 28 MLAs consigned citizens’ wish list to the dustbin?

 18 January 2014 : It’s eight months since the people of Karnataka voted out the BJP for poor performance and brought the Congress back into power with high hopes. The Siddaramiah government enjoyed a fairly long honeymoon period. Now is the time for appraisal.

Resurrection of the tainted to fight the new formidable rival!


11 January 2014 : Three political parties have monopolized Karnataka for long --Congress, BJP and JD(S).  No other outfit has been able to make a mark in the state, unlike in some states where regional outfits rule the roost. But Aam Aadmi Party may break this monopoly.

Wanted: A Kejriwal to take IT city Bangalore out of the mess

04 janaury 2014: For instance, take Bangalore, one of the fast growing cities, thanks mainly to the strides it has made in software technology. But infrastructure hasn’t kept pace with this growth. Successive governments, which basked in the glory of this IT capital, failed to provide adequate funds to improve infrastructure.

Isn’t it time we stop MLAs from spending public money on fun trips?


28 December 2013 : Another fun trip by Karnataka MLAs. That too at tax-payers’ expense. Thirty of them are getting ready for an exotic Latin American trip in the name of study tour. Their first stop will be the Amazon rain forests, ostensibly to study, hold your breath, the waterfalls there and replicate it in Karnataka.

Blame it on poor governance & corruption, not shortage of funds!


21 December 2013 : Even as potholed Bangalore, hyped as India’s IT capital, continues to cry for help, two news reports in the last couple of weeks have stunned the city’s residents. One: BBMP, the civic agency which is supposed to deliver public service and maintain and expand public infrastructure, is teetering on financial bankruptcy.

When Delhiites could show such courage & imagination, why not us?

14 December 2013 : How we wish Aam Aadmi Party had got the required numbers to form the government in Delhi? Aren’t every one of us saying this?  Never before in independent India has an outfit, barely 13 months old and with no political experience, has caught the imagination of the entire country. AAP and its convener Arvind Kejriwal have become household names now.

Don’t miss this chance? Unsung heroes need your recognition and respect

07 December 2013 : Call it an open secret or a general perception, anyone can manage to get an award in this country if he or she has good political connections, excellent networking and marketing ability, and knows how to pull the right strings.

Will AAP click in Delhi? Not just India, but the world is watching!


30 November 2013 : All eyes are on Aam Aadmi Party and Delhi. Elections to the Delhi state assembly will be held on Dec 4. The results will be out four days later. One vital question is doing the rounds.  Will the fledgling political outfit AAP led by Arvind Kejriwal, a political novice and one-time confidante of Anna Hazare, erode the base of both the Congress and BJP in the country’s capital, mainly on the strength of its feisty anti-corruption plank?

Bangalore: From Garden city to Garbage city to Crime city!

23 Nov 2013 : …from a city which was the first in India to get electricity to a city of frequent power breakdowns; from a peace-loving city to a crime city; from a calm city to a city of traffic jams and high noise pollution; from a city of about 30 lakhs to a city of 1crore population…! Brand Bangalore has indeed taken a severe beating.

Tariq pe tariq, tariq pe tariq……..! IT capital’s residents are fed up

 16 November 2013 : Remember the famous line `Tariq pe tariq, tariq pe tariq ……..’’ delivered by a frustrated Sunny Deol in Bollywood film `Damini’. Every Bangalorean is mouthing this line these days, frustrated over one deadline after another being announced by those at the helm to fix innumerable potholes on the city’s roads.

This semi-final will show which way the wind is blowing!

09 November 2013 :  Call it the semis before the final. Or, the rehearsal before the big one: 2014 parliamentary elections. Assembly elections in Delhi, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, to be held in a few weeks from now, will show us which way the wind is blowing. The outcome will provide the answer to three crucial questions that are doing the rounds:

Don’t our netas remind us of Nero who fiddled when Rome burnt?

02 November 2013 :  Strange are the ways of our politicians. The common man comes last in their scheme of things. Take the spar between the Congress and BJP over Sardar Patel’s legacy, each laying claim to it.

Power to the people! Let us decide who our PM or CM should be

26 October 2013 : India may not be exactly moving towards the Presidential form of democracy as in the US. But the latest trend to declare Prime Ministerial and Chief Ministerial candidates in advance has indeed given a new twist to parliamentary democracy that India follows.

Govt needs to be realistic; it can’t afford to fool the urban voter

19 October 2013: Finally, a 908-crore development package for pothole-ridden Bangalore! At least, on paper it looks impressive. Guess what chief minister Siddaramiah has promised to restore the city’s glory – development of 400 km stretch of 230 arterial roads, including fixing of potholes, at a cost of 500 crore, sprucing up of roads in core areas at a cost of 130 crore and construction of five signal free corridors under Tendersure, which aims at redoing the major roads around Vidhana Soudha, at a cost of 613 crore.

Why are our netas wary of citizen participation in city governance?

12 October 2013 : Urban governance in India has always been a matter of concern. Though cities have strongly emerged as the prime engines of economy and generators of wealth, a non-existent urban planning, lack of coordinated approach, no accountability on the part of those at the helm, and corruption at all levels have led to their haphazard growth, coupled with inadequate public services and poor quality of life.

For once, non-sense made sense; we don’t mind more of it!

rahul gandhi

05 October 2013 : Rahul Gandhi may have gone overboard by hitting out at the Prime Minister and his Cabinet over the ordinance to protect tainted elected representatives. He may have helped the Congress wriggle out of strong public opinion against the ordinance.

A city crying for help & an administration running around in circles

28 September 2013 : Strange are the ways of those at the helm in IT capital Bangalore. When tax-paying citizens were constantly complaining of potholes and craters on roads, they were bluntly told that they would be fixed only after the monsoon season got over.

All eyes on Delhi polls: Will AAP give a jolt to the Big 2 ?


21 September 2013 : Remember Anna Hazare, the man who was referred to as the modern Gandhi. When he launched his crusade against corruption a couple of years ago, the entire nation rallied behind him. The overwhelming support of aam aadmi that Anna received sent a shiver down the spine of the political class.

Interested in going to the moon? Visit Bangalore!


14 Sept 2013 : Governments may come and governments may go, but Bangalore’s roads will remain in pathetic condition. These days the roads in the city resemble the moon’s surface. Full of craters.

Siddu clears Hurdle 1 & 2 with ease; is he aiming for a hat-trick?

07 September 2013 : A 100-day stint in office may be too short a time for a chief minister to show his mettle as an able leader and also for the people to judge his performance. But one thing can be said of Siddaramaiah, chief minister of Karnataka. He is lucky.

JD(S) at crossroads; Gowda family’s brand of politics has no takers

31 August 2013 : Indian voters are getting smart.  Though factors like caste, community, region, religion, etc, do weigh heavily on their minds, at least with a good percentage of them...